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The BOC MasterStart WELD is a quality flame welding gas kit that provides the equipment you need for general purpose oxy-acetylene welding.

This handy kit comes in an easy-to-carry and durable toolbox that includes BOC heavy-duty industrial regulators, twin oxy-acetylene hose as well as a full set of four flashback arrestors (torch and regulator end) plus more.

This kit complies to AS4839 and is backed by a 5 year conditional warranty. The kit contains:

  • BOC 8000 Oxygen Regulator 
  • BOC 8000 Acetylene Regulator 
  • BOC W Mixer
  • BOC Blowpipe
  • BOC Welding Tip (Size: 10W-A)
  • BOC Welding Tip (Size: 12W-A)
  • BOC Welding Tip (Size: 15W-A)
  • BOC Welding Tip (Size: 20W-A)
  • BOC FBA Reg End Fuel Standard Flow 
  • BOC FBA Reg End Oxy Standard Flow 
  • BOC FBA Torch End Fuel Standard Flow 
  • BOC FBA Torch End Oxy Standard Flow 
  • BOC 5mm Twin Hose Assembly – 10m 
  • Flip-front goggles
  • Tip Cleaner
  • Cup Flint Lighter
  • BOC Cylinder Spanner
  • BOC Welding and Cutting Guide
  • Toolbox with Tray