Worksharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

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WSBCHPAJ-PRO | Worksharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener The Professional Precision Adjust is a complete angle adjustable knife sharpening system using metal construction a digital angle indicator and seven abrasive grits to bring rigidity repeatability and precision to your knife sharpening needs. The sharpening angle easily adjusts from 15° to 30° using a digital angle indicator to accurately and repeatably set your sharpening angle. The 1” x 6” abrasives include a full assortment: 220 320 400 600 and 800 grit diamond a ceramic honing plate and a leather strop that polishes your edge to mirror sharp. The abrasives are easily interchanged using a common handle which includes a ceramic rod for honing serrations. The innovative V-Block Clamp™ quickly securely & repeatably secures your knife. The weighted base provides a safe and stable platform that allows rotating the knife without removing the knife or clamp. The included small knife table attachment allows you to sharpen small pen knives down to a 15° angle. 3-Year Warranty. • Professional-level sharpener with metal construction • Includes seven (7) abrasive grits: 220 320 400 600 and 800 diamond Fine Ceramic Leather Strop • Adjustable Angle from 15-30 degrees with included digital angle indicator. • Small knife table attachment allows sharpening small ‘pen knives’ to angles as low as 15° • Abrasives are user replaceable • Sharpens Kitchen Knives Pocket Knives Hunting Knives and Outdoor Knives. • Abrasive Size: 1 x 6 • 3 Year Warranty Watch User Guide Video