Groz Pdg/R6 Depth Gauge / Protractor (Rectangle)

Groz Pdg/R6 Depth Gauge / Protractor (Rectangle)

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GZ01225 – GROZ DEPTH GAUGE / PROTRACTOR (RECTANGLE) GZ01225 • A versatile tool the Depth Gauge with Protractor allows for measurement of both angles and depths. • Manufactured from stainless steel the protractor head has permanent deep etched graduations 0-180° in opposite directions thus permitting reading an angle directly and also its supplement • Depths are measured by a 6 (150 mm) steel rule. It is graduated in imperial dimensions on one side and metric on the other and can be set at any desired angle for use as a protractor and lengthwise when used as a depth gauge. A knurled thumbnut locks the rule in the desired position • The gauge has a flat surface on the back of the head permitting laying the tool flat upon the work. The rectangular head provides additional convenience as it incorporates 4 working edges • Angular Tolerance: ± 0.5°

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