Groz 14pc Punch And Chisel Set

Groz 14pc Punch And Chisel Set

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Packed in heavy-duty vinyl rolls for easy access organization and storage. • Manufactured to the highest safety standards cold chisels are individually forged from high quality alloy steel. • The alloy content in these makes them ideal for all types of metalworking and masonry applications and also increases wear resistance significantly. • The precisely ground cutting edge is induction hardened (52 – 58 HRC) to give improved performance over longer periods of time. • Hardness at the striking end is maintained to under 42 HRC so that the head will not splinter when subject to hammer blows. • Shank is powder coated and the cutting edge is accurately ground. Measurements =Blade Width X Overall Length Octagonal Cold Chisels 10mm x 140mm 13mm x 150mm 16mm x 163mm 19mm x 175mm 22mm x 190mm Centre Punches – Heavy Duty 4mm x 125mm 6mm x 150mm Pin Punches – Heavy Duty 1.5mm x 100mm 3mm x 119mm 5mm x 132mm Drift Punches – Heavy Duty 3mm x 200mm 4mm x 225mm Starting Punches – Heavy Duty 8mm x 150mm 3mm x 125mm

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