Teng 10pc 1000 Volt Screwdriver Set FL-PH-PZ – TC-Tray

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TTV710N | Teng 10pc 1000 Volt Screwdriver Set FL-PH-PZ – TC-Tray • 10 piece 1 000 volt insulated screwdriver set • Slim blades with reduced blade diameter for easier access to recessed screws and spring elements • Includes flat (slotted) PH and PZ blades • Approved for live working up to 1 000 volts • Integrated protective insulation with two colours to clearly indicate if there is any damage to the insulation • Supplied in the unique Teng Tools TC tray • Removable lid and dove tail joints • Use on it s own or as part of the Teng Tools Get Organised system • Designed and manufactured to DIN5749 and EN60900 (IEC60900) • Content: Insulate Handle 22 x 100mm 37 x 122mm Flat regular 0.5 x 3.0 x 70mm Flat slim type 4.0 x 100mm 5.5 x 80mm 6.5 x 100mm PH type PH1x80mm PH 2x100mm PZ type PZ 1x80mm PZ 2x100mm