Champion 360pc Metric Roll Pin Assortment (Sml Sizes)

Champion 360pc Metric Roll Pin Assortment (Sml Sizes)

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CA1715 – 360PC ROLL PIN ASSORTMENT • Metric • 18 Sizes: 2mm to 6mm Dia. (Small Sizes) • 360 Pieces Replacement Packs Available: Part # Size Pack Qty C1715-1 2.0mm x 12mm 20 C1715-2 2.0mm x 20mm 20 C1715-3 2.0mm x 25mm 20 C1715-4 2.5mm x 12mm 20 C1715-5 2.5mm x 16mm 20 C1715-6 2.5mm x 20mm 20 C1715-7 2.5mm x 25mm 20 C1715-8 3.0mm x 16mm 20 C1715-9 3.0mm x 20mm 20 C1715-10 3.0mm x 25mm 20 C1715-11 4.0mm x 16mm 20 C1715-12 4.0mm x 20mm 20 C1715-13 4.0mm x 25mm 20 C1715-14 5.0mm x 20mm 20 C1715-15 5.0mm x 25mm 20 C1715-16 6.0mm x 20mm 20 C1715-17 6.0mm x 25mm 20 C1715-18 6.0mm x 30mm 20

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