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CRC Brakleen Blaster is a powerful, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for brake, clutch parts and general mechanical equipment. It is formulated to quickly and safely dissolve and forcefully flush away grease, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hardened deposits and other contaminants, without the need for disassembly. It safely settles and removes hazardous brake dust.


Features & Benefits


Extreme grease penetration power, high pressure spray – Specifically formulated to forcefully cut through and remove thick build-ups, hardened deposits and to clean hard-toreach areas
No disassembly required – Saves time and reduces maintenance cost
Fast evaporation – Minimises downtime
Leaves no residue – Prevents harmful build up and eliminates rinsing and wiping
Superior cleaning and degreasing properties – Has many uses beyond brakes
Brakes last longer and perform better.
Helps eliminate disc brake squeal and clutch chatter.
Safely settles and removes hazardous brake dust.
Stable, non-staining and non-corrosive to metals.
Low surface tension – Gives excellent penetration and ensures superior dissolving and degreasing properties.
Low flammability
Does not contain silicone – Can be painted over
Contains more than 97% active content
Aerosol has a 360⁰ (upside-down) valve and extension tube – Ensures that all usable product is expelled from the can evenly when the can is held and sprayed in the upside down position
MPI Approved C12 (All animal products except dairy)
Asure Quality assessment for food/beverage/dairy factory food areas & no potential contact


600g Aerosol