25 X 25 G80 FLAP WHEEL

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25 X 25 G80 FLAP WHEEL

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Flap wheels are an ideal choice for a wide variety of blending, deburring and finishing applications common in the metal fabrication, welding and polishing industries. Flap wheels are conformable to intricate shapes and contours. Designed to deliver a consistent finish with a uniform rate of cut, flap wheels wear away, continually exposing fresh abrasives.



  • P-graded, aluminium oxide abrasive for uniform stock removal and long life
  • Heavy cotton/polyester blended flaps provide extended durability, conformability, and superior wear resistance
  • Wheels are designed with the steel shank as an integral part of each wheel for excellent balance, chatter-free finishes, and quick changes on air tools that have a collet design
  • Due to the flap wheel design and the flexibility of the material, flap wheels leave a finer finish grit that other coated abrasive products.



Diameter: 25mm
Thickness: 25mm
Shaft: 6mm
Grit: 80G


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