Travabon Classic Cream 100ml Tube

Travabon Classic Cream 100ml Tube

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TVC100ML | Travabon® Classic Cream Specialist Skin Protection Cream 100ml Tube Features • Perfumed • Silicone-Free Benefits • Unique dual action formulation – protects the skin from oil based workplace substances and facilitates effective skin cleansing. • High mineral content – forms a robust highly resistant physical protective layer on the skin which prevents contaminants from penetrating deeply into the skin. • Contains Algin – a natural film building hydrocolloid which helps strengthen and reinforce the protective layer on the skin for greater durability. • Special soil – suspending emulsifiers – blend of surfactants in the protective layer are activated by pre -rinsing hands with just clean water enabling removal of most soiling. Where To Use: Heavy oil based contamination; gloves not worn

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